Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Festival season, reviews, heat...

Almost 2 months since my last post? Wow, time goes by...

Well, what did go on during the last weeks? Austria had the "joy" of an extended and extreme heat period. Fun for some, torture for other. I belong to the second group (warm weather is fine, but heat somehow destroys my inner batteries). Especially since I'm living "under the roof". You what they are saying? There are people who love the hot weather. And then there are people living on the top floor.

So, how to survive during the heat?? Besides spontaneously loving to get to work (because of air condition ;) - festivals!! I have attended quite a few wonderful gigs and I'll give you a detailed report in a later post. Mild evening, full moon, Judas Priest live on stage and a (festival-like) warm beer in my hand...yes, this is how to get through summertime ;)

Aaand...here is another wonderful review of my album WINTER EYES, this time from hardrockhaven! Check it out!


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