Monday, May 11, 2015

Ravenheart Music reviews "Winter Eyes"

It's again review-time!

Thanks a lot to Dave from Ravenheart Music for reviewing my album!

Some excerpts:

"...Well, putting her legal work to one side, the time has come for her new release, and what a whoppa it is too. Featuring 10 tracks, some of which are re recorded versions from her debut, this record also features brilliant lead guitarist John Slater, John playing lead solo on some of the songs here....The album is consistent, and like Phil had mentioned when he reviewed Sonja's debut back in March 2012, the track 'Victim of a Miracle', re worked for this album is hideously catchy, and will have you bouncing around your living room before you can actually say "Sonja Perenda"! And the closing title track is a 10 minute plus epic with a bluesy vibe and some awesome guitar work - totally magical, yay! This release is well recommended..."

You can read the full version here.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Beach Sloth reviews "Winter Eyes"

Hey my friends!

I'm proud to share this first album review by Beach Sloth with you! It surely made my day =)

Just an excerpt:
".......Sonja Perenda’s “Winter Eyes” benefits immensely from Sonja Perenda’s operatic training. From on high her voice colors the album with blue hues.....As the album unfolds Sonja Perenda’s voice guides through the webs of guitars, the propulsive rhythms, and touches of distortion. Throughout it all Sonja Perenda possesses and executes her ideas with stunning clarity....“Winter Eyes” wins with its deadened hard gaze. This is the perfect marriage of classical and metal".

Beach Sloth reviews "Winter Eyes"

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sonja Perenda signs to Two Side Moon Promotions


I'm proud to announce that I have recently signed with Two Side Moon Promotions for promoting my new Album within the UK. I have been in touch with the founder Nicky Baldrian for some years now and he also did an amazing job promoting my previous album, so it is a big pleasure for me to work with his agency again.

Cheers to another great collaboration Nicky! =)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Winter Eyes available on Amazon!

Sooo, what going on in the Perenda camp?

Being a busy bee, I've been recently getting the word about about my new musical baby "Winter Eyes". I hope some reviews to arrive soon (and hopefully no devastating ones ;))

Winter Eyes is now also available on Amazon:

The physical copies will also arrive soon and should be available at the end of May 2015.