Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Midsummer, celtic festival and other cool things

How have you all been doing through this first half of the year? I've been overly busy working in this law firm (yes, Sonja has to work a civil job, too ;)) but it's a wonderful work. Sometimes hard, but often you have the feeling you can really change something, for someone.

The hard side is that too much stress takes away energy for creative activities! (That's why this blog had been pretty abandomned...)

But I want to start now sharing all those small and big happenings with you guys, and I hope you will share yours with me, too!

I've celebrated Midsummer at the celtic festival in Schwarzenbach on Saturday and it was outstanding. Few know that the first celtic people have lived here in Burgenland, Austria. The bands who have been playing really rocked the place, especially THE MAHONES (irish punk) from Canada. Thanks for the signed T-Shirt, guys! ;)

The highlight was of course the large bonfire that literally hypnotized me. It cleaned all the mess out of me, all this stress and negativeness I've been surrounded with during the last weeks. I am finally energized and relaxed again.

Here is the link to the celtic festival (page in german language):
Celtic festival

And this is the link to The Mahones who have gained a new fan:

Bonfire greetings from Sonja =)