Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RIP Robin Williams....and my view on depression disorder...

Hi folks!

Normally I don't write too personal or serious posts since I'm more of a private person. But this time it's different.

The world has lost a wonderful actor, versatile and with the ability to even play difficult character roles. Rest in Peace Mr. Robin Williams :(

We lost him obviously because of his depression disorder as public information goes. He committed suicide.
Now I've been reading different reactions. Among them were posts like "There is never a reason for suicide! I'm disappointed in him" "You always have the possibility to choose whether you look at things in a positive or negative way" etc.

The last sentence may be true for many people, including me, as I'm all for positive thinking and changing the point of view. However, if someone isn't just a little down or in a sad mood but REALLY suffering from depression, it's not a matter of "positive thinking" anymore. This person has a medical disease that needs to be treated.

I have a very close friend who has been suffering from manic depression throughout his whole life. His father did, and his grandfather did too. It is painful to witness how he is almost acting lunatic one time, refusing to sleep or eat, burning out all his energy for crazy "projects" that may have a psychotic touch in them, being absolutely immune to anything you may try to tell him.
Then the big break comes. He is lying in bed, refusing to even get up, just staring at the wall and blabbering how he failed throughout his whole life, how he is the biggest loser and ashamed of himself, not wanting to live anymore.
On top of this, he already had a heart attack some years ago. The way he is constantly refusing to eat, drink or sleep surely isn't exactly what helps his physical condition.

And then there are the ones close to him. Totally helpless and devastated. Living with the constant fear of losing him way too early. Legally, you can't force anyone to get treatment unless he is a serious danger for others or himself. May be the case here? In theory, but practically most people are released from hospital within a very short time if they had been dragged there against their will.

Like many others, my friend also refuses to admit that he is suffering from this mental disease. He claims that he is surely "not crazy" and therefore not willing to get any therapy or taking medicaments that would help him.
Society isn't a big help here because, let's face it, people suffering from depression are still too often called "just weak" and being told "to get themselves together". Who wants to be called crazy?

As we now see with the tragic death of Mr. Williams, society needs to change their attitude towards mental diseases as they are nothing different to physical diseases. Not putting a stigma on the suffering. But showing support and understanding.

That would be truly an amazing change.

Monday, August 11, 2014

More discoverings from Seerock festival - Sabaton

Hi folks!

I hope you are all doing fine and enjoy the warm summer sun.
I'm still stunned how many great bands I discovered at the latest festival, and to my shame most of them have been around pretty long already! O_O

Among them are these guys, Sabaton, if you don't know them already you should check them out! Great power metal from Sweden (My personal tip for all of you who are a little sportive: Sabaton's song "Night Witches" gives you chills while working out ;))

What else is going on? The fine tuning of the vocal recordings is going smoothly (but please don't count these hysterical moments รก la "WHY DOES THIS NOTE ALWAYS GO WRONG!!! AARRRGGGGHHH" *smashing something against a wall*)
But besides that, everything is fine ;D

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Demo snap "The Player"


The recordings to "Winter Eyes" are almost finished, only the vocals to the title track itself are still in progress. Then the mixing and mastering will take place.

Here is again a demo snap, this time of the re-recorded song "The Player". Some may know this song already appeared on my first album "Time has come". we gave it a complete new musical clothing yet the original song character remains. Let me know what you think:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Seerock festival 2014!

Hi folks!

So I'm freshly back from the Seerock festival in Graz and what can I say? It was a f*cking blast!!! So many great bands and me stuck in the front row ;)

Among my personal highlights were:

Status Quo
Blind Guardian

But the greatest experience definitely was TWISTED SISTER. They haven't been to Austria for 30 years and I must admit, I've never seen an show like theirs before. A league of its own really. Dee Snider is one hell of a frontman!

Some impressions from our crowd going crazy:

And "we" are very proud that the band has been thanking us with this banner ;)

Hopefully until next time!!!